Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website, including ours. They can be used to remember different things, including the pages you've visited on our site, or if you've used our contrast buttons.

They can also help us improve the information we provide, by monitoring how you use our site.

Tracking purposes

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service, to help us improve:

  • the information we publish
  • your experience on our site
  • our website's performance.

These cookies will be stored when you click accept cookies.

_ga, _ga_*, and ___utmvc

Google Analytics use these cookies to gather information about the way visitors use our site, which includes number of visitors, where visitors have come to the site from, and the pages they visit.

  • _ga expires after two years.
  • _ga_* expires after one year
  • ___utmvc expires after two years.

Website software

Three cookies are created if you:

  • log in to the website
  • use our contrast buttons
  • translate information.


Remembers if you've used a high or low contrast style. It stores data during your session help with website performance.

This cookie persists, even if you close your browser. It expires after two hours.

It does not store any information about you.


JESSIONID remembers who you are if you sign into our site or fill in a form. It expires after you close your browser.


We use a service called Impervia to help protect our website against hacking and other digital attacks.

The following cookies expire when you leave our site or close your browser:

  • incap_ses_*_*
  • visid_incap_*
  • TS*

Other cookies

We may use other applications, services, and information feeds that use cookies.


Where we publish videos on a page, we use YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode. That means YouTube won't set a cookie that tracks your viewing history. However, it will set a cookie that tells YouTube that this session shouldn't be tracked.

For more information, read YouTube's privacy policy.